Erased: Chapter 7

Erased, a novel

Chapter 7- Separating Levels of Doubt

Tayeton- There's something about knowing someone wants you dead that makes you determined to live.  It wasn't that I thought the power was all mine, but whatever voice I had in the matter I was sure ready to use.  I hadn't even made it to my first wedding anniversary, and I'd just caught a new wind of life when I met Kat.  No way I was ready to give it all up.  Yet, there was no reasonable doubt that some cowardly and yet brazen body behind dark tints had tried to bump me out of the obvious grace I'd stumbled on.  I'd been driving since the age of sixteen, and I knew what a mishap on the road felt like.  It usually got your heart racing and made you more cautious, but it hardly got you taking an account of your life.  I'd somehow seen it coming, and by coming I mean than close second right before come. It's no way I was supposed to jump lanes right then.  And to let me know I hadn't overreacted, I…

After Six: Erased

Thank you for joining the Suspended-Release of Erased, a novel.  Follow the scriptures after every six chapters for overviews and predictions.  I hope you enjoyed meeting Sam, Ketly, Mr. Wells, and Reece.  Stay tuned as we wiggle our way out of the introductions and jump into the heart of this story.  I assure you, you don't want to miss any exits on this journey.

Erased: Chapter 5 and 6

Erased, a novel

Chapter 5- Clouds On the Move
"Present Time"

Mr. Wells- Something happens after nineteen days of homelessness.  Perhaps the nineteenth day gets a clear view of the twenty-first waiting on the horizon, and everything starts to look static.  I'd taken all the steps to make my life a good one; something a man could be proud of, but maybe I'd step on someone's toe in my sleep walking.  I hadn't t considered myself a sleeper, yet I'd ended up here without any real distinct notice.  I didn't hate it. In fact hate was a word I disposed of early in my life. If there was a second golden rule, not using the word hate was definitely it.  Well, that's how it was taught to me.  I didn't force it down anyone's throat, but I took my fill.  Anyway, it's hard to see my life some days, and I eventually just started looking at the clouds.  At first I thought they were standing still, but I was just staring.  Once I relaxed my eyes a bit I …

Erased: Chapter 4

Erased, a novel

Chapter 4- The Vaults We Carry

Ketly- It may sound brutal, but no one cares what all you're able to do in your life if you can't stick your landings.  I was happy to know, I'd stuck mine. Jeff and I were progressing far beyond what I'd imagined. We'd made a romance out of communication and we'd written our own language in love. I had a clear picture of what a wife and mother looked like, but more importantly, I knew what a man was and wasn't.  Jeff more than filled the shoes of my father. There was something compelling about the way he found his way around manhood. I myself wasn't as fluid as I usually wanted to be as wife and mother, but I was finding my fit. This fit demanded that I became more and more known in fast moving social circles.

I made no regrets, and tried only to offer a grounded view to all my husband's flighty ambitions. It didn't help that my last book had reached numbers none of my previous books had.  Now, it w…

Erased: Chapter 2 and 3

Erased, a novel

Chapter 2- Air Bubbles

Kayla- The last three weeks were unexplainable.  It was filled with lots of feedback about the book.  Tayeton had been texting me every time I'd gotten a new review.  They were no doubt random, but the pulse had intensified and it seemed they were beginning to drown me.  If it wasn't comments from someone at the firm, it was from some editor or another.  I hadn't been in this position in quite a while.  I'd mastered my role as hairstylist years ago and coasted by in the salon at times.  Now I waited insecurely for every scrap of feedback on Renegotiating Kayla.  Luckily, all of the reports were good.  I'd asked Tayeton for another copy, and had sent it to Ketly.  I didn't necessarily ask for her feedback, but I was surely awaiting it.  Things had gone as smooth as they possibly could at the dinner.  She'd done her best not to show any disdain, but I knew there probably was some hiding somewhere.  I think I probably sent…

Erased: Chapter 1


Chapter 1- Light Communication

Tayeton- I'd boldly taken the risk of taking Kat with me.  We'd left Kaylin behind at Kayla and Wood's.  There was something puzzling from the moment we'd arrived, but I didn't overreact to any of it.  Now we were sitting in the gap.  For the next twenty minutes or so that it would take us to get to Kat's parent's home, I was hoping it wouldn't become a rough valley.  I'd only presented Kayla as Kaylin's sister.  Sure Kat also knew that she was signed to Simpleton and Fisher, but I hadn't gone past that.  Kat was somewhat of a cautious driver. She kept her eyes on the road mostly, but I got the feeling that she would look my way at any moment.  The moment eventually came as she slowed the car at the first flash from green to yellow. 

"There's something I need to tell you."  Her eyes where just a tad less bright than usual, and she wore a look of remorse.
"What's that?"

Erased Dedication and Introduction

Welcome to Erased. This book is forever dedicated to those whose light presents for them more obstacles than opportunities. It is also dedicated to The Freedom of Violence, and to those who reaches deep within to find alternatives to violence and anarchy. I offer this writing as a voice to The Dreamers who when faced with homelessness, disassociation, and excommunication find a way to pull not only themselves up but all who are loyal to truth and universal love. Lastly, I use this project to commend and salute Sole Proprietorship, Private Enterprise, and Free Enterprise. Let the Children Rise!

Erased "The Introduction" (narrated by Sam)
...Three and a half years earlier

    Six years ago I sold my inheritance.  It was an easy decision to make after I woke up from a dreadful dream where my hands were drenched in blood.  I'd walked around with the thought for days before I finally showed up at my father's door.  I could tell he had no idea what he was about t…