Message From the Author (Dear Reader)

Message From the Author

Dear Reader,

         Thank you for reading Erased, and for spreading the word about The Decks and the Road Novel Series.  I hope you're enjoying this Free online series.  As you know, Erased was Epic.  From the moment I wrote the Dedication to "The Final Chapter", it was a tango of emotions and collisions.  If you began with Freeborn, then you really got to see the unfolding of the promises, permissions, and purposes of God, and hopefully they made you smile, clap, cry, and even think.  Coming up in the series is book 3, and the title is none other than "Renegotiating Kaylin".  Expect another enjoyable Suspended-Release Novel Event.  Thanks again for coming along, and may the Grace of God be with you.

Natisha R. Williams (Author)

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The Best Male Voice in a Suspended-Release Novel

Congratulations to.... Mr. Wells!

Best Female Voice in a Suspended-Release Novel

Congratulations to... Veronica!

Award Presentation for Best Dialogue in Erased

The Nominations for Best Dialogue in Erased are...
Reece and Ketly Veronica and Dr. Kat Sam and Tayeton Wood and Morgan

and The Winning Conversation is..

Veronica and Dr. Kat 

The Weight Lifter's Award

Congratulations to the Nominees...
Jennifer Tayeton  Mr. Wells

And the Winner is...
Tayeton Fisher

Best Landing in A Suspended-Release Novel

The Award Nominees for Best Landing are: 
Tayeton Kayla Jennifer Reece Mr. Wells

And the Winner is...

Award Presentation for Best Scene in Erased

Here are the Nominations for Best Scene..
Sam's Party Derek's Proposal  Tayeton and Mr. Wells Reunion  Reece and Eaton's Embrace The Love Protest 

And the Winning Scene is....

The Love Protest!!!