Introduction to Freeborn

The Decks and the Road
Book 1- Freeborn

“You have not seen your life, until you’ve seen a circle.”

In life we take the hands we are dealt, and hit the road.  Sometimes the deck makes us a slave, and other times, the road wears us down.  Then, every now and again we get a glimpse of the Freeborn; the beauty that is born at the round-about.  It’s a fragile beauty; a beauty that can be easily seen but not understood.  It’s the beauty you hope will be with you forever.  But, too bad; it was born free.  It comes, it harnesses the wind, it creates a line in the sky, and then, it’s gone.  The freeborn is not for the aspirational.  It’s useless to aspire to.  It’s not up to us who breathe, but it’s decided by the one who gives breath.  The generations could not purge itself to exist this way; nor could traditions.  It’s the resting of a hand—the touch of destiny; and boy is it sure to be victimized.  Yet, never mind the all the sympathy.  The Freeborn is nobody’s game.  It foreknows all the places where it will be bruised.  It’s already made melodies to accompany its scars.  There’s no cut or fall that comes unannounced, but there are times the Freeborn pretends to forget what’s to come.  All of this can be taken for a calamity, but the Freeborn gets a whisper at the start of every sunrise, that says, “Just Keep Going”.  And so she presses.  She stays flat footed.  She listens for the whispers, and in her heart, she dances.  She dances on along her road until there are no more cards in the deck and the music that’s been set to her life has faded gently to a stop.  And just when those who caught the glimpse of her, begin to mourn, there goes another glimmer.  Another Freeborn is born!  Come, catch this breath.

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