Award Presentation for Best Male and Best Female Performances

And the Winners for Best Male and Best Female Performance in a Suspended-Release Novel are:

Congratulations to Erilyn Shepherd!! and 
Congratulations to Tayeton Fisher!!

Excerpts from Erilyn's Role in Freeborn:

"I had just gotten my confidence fully wrapped around the thought of being a Shepherd.  I told myself that I’d keep looking forward, but there’s a respect I believe we should pay to the dead. "

"I thought about how I’d spotted Natalie, and how certain I was that it was her, and I knew that my wig was not enough to hide me.  I stood still—partly paralyzed by my predicament and partly mesmerized by Radiance’s voice. "

 Excerpts from Tayeton's Role in Freeborn:

"The image of my sister had left a stronger impression on me than I ever would have imagined it could.  I didn’t kneel or anything, but I prayed.  I wanted to ask God to make me healthy again, but something kept saying, “You know you don’t deserve that.”