The Award Presentation for Most Influential Voice in A Suspended-Release Novel

Here are the Nominees for The Most Influential Voice in a Suspended-Release Novel

Dr. Kat Shepherd

And the award goes to:

Congratulations Tayeton!!!

Excerpts from the Nominees' Roles in Freeborn:


"I’d worn my ear buds all day long listening to music, and now I could appreciate the quiet my dad seemed to love so much.  I hadn’t planned on speaking with my dad, but then, I heard myself ask…
                “Who’s that lady?”
                    “It’s just that you hardly look at mom that much.”'


"We’d already captured a picture of our future, and we’d begun to pay into that future.  So I dropped my pride, and I followed her. never bothered me that her presence was larger than mine.  I carried my manhood securely into the future."

Dr. Kat Shepherd-

"The two biggest decisions I ever made, I never had to make.  They just naturally felt right.  One was to remain a virgin, and the other was to accept Tayeton’s proposal."


"Thicker skin is not something you go shopping for.  It’s not a new sweater you get for Christmas.  It's not the skin you wear on your body, it's the skin you wear on your ears."