Erased Book Synopsis

Erased, a novel
Book Synopsis

Jump into an underworld of fun.  Erased is a thoughtful mash up of family, friendship, business contracts, unknown connections, and God’s grace.  The second book in The Decks and the Road Novel Series, Erased is designed to tug at your humanity, and challenge your integrity. 

Readers can expect a quick stepped read with an introduction of several new voices.  Come along as the author shuffles the deck in this series.  Some loose ends will be tied up, and others will linger still into book three.  If you’ve been following the character Kayla and her friends since Renegotiating Kayla, you will certainly know why the hashtag ‘the roads of our lives’ is the best fit.

Find out what happens when Kayla finds herself in a bigger and a more unfamiliar pool than she could have dreamt up, and see how long the hand of God stretches to build solid ground. 

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