Erased: Chapter 8

Erased, a novel

Chapter 8- Firm

Cassandra Simpleton- Only one person has ever been brave enough to ask me what were the characteristics of a Simpleton.  She was an elderly woman of about maybe eighty.  I was young, and I hadn't really stopped to look at it that way.  Ever since then however, it's been on my mind.  It wasn't that my family had lacked identity, or couldn't be described, but I hadn't stopped to ask the question for myself.  I've been handling the company's finances for over ten years now; long before I became the majority share holder of the Family's stake in Simpleton and Fisher.  Although my grandfather started the company, we've never held more than sixty-five percent.  The Fishers also have never owned more than twenty percent.  It was a gutsy deal.  Alton Fisher was my grandfather's right hand man.  He was a marketing genius, and he did his best to pass on his wisdom.  At first my grandfather had expected he would just come and work for him, but Alton saw rather clear his opportunity to be more.  He'd negotiated a lifetime twenty percent stake, and talked himself into a star position.  The other fifteen percent is owned by Offen Unger.  He's just an investor.  Well, that's how I saw it until I accepted my brother's offer.  At times it still surprises me that my father went for it, but it came at no small cost.  It's not so much that I don't expect to get married, it's just... it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I suppose whoever he is, whenever he comes around, he'll just have to accept the terms the way I did.  Nothing I can do now, it's all in black and white.  My name will always be Cassandra Simpleton, and any children we have will have to take the name also.  I don't know if it's the kind of thing that makes a man put his foot down on women's liberation, but I've been preparing to find out.  Anyway, as a Simpleton, and the leading Simpleton, the characteristic I usually leave lingering behind is firm.  So does my older brother.  He doesn't always come across that way.  He can appear bendable and agreeable, but that's just the way he plays the game.  We haven't spoken in some time, but I've been keeping my eyes and ears on his Ample Publishing.  I hear it's squeaky clean, but I don't know how long it will remain that way.  This business has a way of wearing you down.  It's the term "best interest"; there's something polluted about that term, and it's like the moment you let it take the lead or sit at the head of the table, everything gets blurry.  It's just my observation from all the meetings I've been in.  First, everyone begins with high hopes and ideas to collaborate, and suddenly someone slips "best interest" in there and everything comes to a drag.  I hadn't really concentrated on it until lately.  Now, all my decisions seemed to be bound to the best interest of the company, and I couldn't always find the division.  In just one signature, I became a matter to many, and many matters became me.  These days the name Cassie is the only small way to draw a distinction between the Company and Family.  It may sound trivial to some, but I never make any exceptions now.  Only family calls me Cassie, and by family, I mainly mean, those who have no legal ties to me.  It's a hard line to draw strait, and it's an even harder line to write on, but that's the way it is.

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Erased, a novel

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