Erased: Chapter 11

Erased, a novel

Chapter 11-Ventilation

Kayla- I'd received several letters from my father warning me of my publisher.  The first letter was shocking, the second was aggravating, and the third though unwanted; it had penetrated my walls.  It's hard receiving fanmail from a parent, and more so when you're me.  The idea that someone had given up my book or that it was just floating around was disappointing, but the thought that it was circulating the veins of a prison was scary.  That's the way I pictured it.  It was better than imagining my father keeping it for reference.  Nothing in the letters was perverse, but everything had already been perverted.  Now it was also perverting what was aimed at progress.

Things were more than good.  My first two books had exceeded the projections.  Readers couldn't get enough, and 'A Better Pair of Shoes' was garnering a different kind of attention.  I'd let my imagination roam a bit further than the brainstorms and it had paid off.  All kind of invitations to speak and coach were coming in, but in the middle of it all stood the warnings.  Perhaps that was the reason I was sitting in coach while Jennifer and Cassandra were in first class.  I needed some time away from all the butt smacking.  It's easier to hear.  Then you can hear how much of what appears to be unrelated is actually one action.  It's getting harder to admit that my father had actually given me something I could use.  Naturally when my hearing evolved, my vision did too.  Now I know something's certainly going on, but I'm headed to Geneva for a few days and hopefully I can put it all in perspective.

Cassandra- Three pairs of jeans, two t-shirts, one silk blouse, one little black dress, one red, my favorite flats, and a damn expensive pair of pumps were the highlights of my packing.  I've been to Switzerland many times.  I spent lots of summers there, and I still return quite frequently.  It's mostly business now, but this time I've decided to bring some friends.  It's always enchanting to realize how small the world really is.  Camie's been decorating for me for years.  I mean Jennifer.  Personally, I like Camie better, but the gift did not fade with the name, so Jennifer works.  And, well, everybody knows Kayla's a star.  The fact that they're super close girlfriends is surprising still.  So different the two.  One knows she's gold, and the other has no clue.  How we all hit it off, also surprising, but who's asking.  It's all fun and business; an odd but fitting couple when well measured.   Of course I have friends my own age, but they're not as much fun.

Jennifer- It's a rainy day today.  The flight was smooth, except Cassie talked for so much of it.  She gets so excited about all her upcoming parties, and charity events.  I think we've discussed each one twice already.  The rest of the way, I was thinking of my proposal.  The expansion of I and I wasn't just about office spaces, graphics, and taglines; it was about connections.  I'd been pretty connected since the beginning, although I didn't know how much exactly, but this was about the entity and it had to be worldwide.  I'd passed my proposal off to several of my clients, and the excitement bounced off each of their faces.  I could see that they'd caught the vision, and it did well to push me along.

When we pulled up to the home where we would stay, we were met by many hands, and suddenly I felt transported.  It was the only drawback to modern society, it hardly transported you even after many miles.  It wasn't a big complex, yet everything had been treated in a big way.  I could see that Cassie wanted to impress us, or leave an impression on us.  It was the way she spoke.  She spoke in terms of "have you been", "did you see", and "did you know".  It didn't put me off.  Instead it was just an opening and indent; a place for me to write more, and over the years I'd done just that.

It was 2pm when we got in, and there was a nice arrangement of fruit, cheese, and crackers waiting for us.  It was no surprise, Cassie and I had been to many small cafés in Miami, where we'd tested and tasted several arrangements.  It was her thing. A good cheese, a thin cracker, and something with a little bubble to drink.  We were in our element, but Kayla was thinking.  I could see it.  It was truly becoming her most noteworthy characteristic; thinking.  I just assumed maybe she was writing her next book in her head.  With Ketly, we always knew when she was working on something new.  She'd be talking about it, and recording notes, but Kayla, you could never see her coming; not her success, and surely not her intellect.  It always made for a better read.

Eventually Cassie opened a couple of windows in the small den and a cool breeze blew through the quietness.  The workers all filed out, and we were greeted with the first of many "did you sees".

Erased, a novel

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