Erased: Chapter 14

Erased, a novel

Chapter 14- Warning Received 

Derek- I could see her and her friends, but she could not see me.  She looked happy, and I was happy to see that her heart was still at home.  I couldn't argue.  I'd fumbled the ball many times.  These days it wasn't in missteps, but many missed occasions.  She was a ladder, in all regards.  Whenever I'd mastered her, she'd been low or loss.  When she was up and stretched out, reaching new heights, it was intimidating.  The day I'd received my ring back had not left me.  I'd crept up from behind in a social way, but mentally I hadn't moved much until I woke up with a strong feeling that I'd loss her.  Her delayed response hadn't done anything to soothe my heart, and so I dug it up.  It's the prettiest thing you want to see.  Not because it's bigger, but it looks like her.  Not the her I thought I knew five years ago, but her.  The innocent fire cracker whose goodness clings to you, and burn down walls.  Now, I just need to pull this off.

She's texting, but every five or so seconds she glimpses up to check the belt. I have a little time to stare at her.  I've paid two passengers to look out for her bag.  They won't miss it.  It actually belongs to our daughter.  It's bright pink with stars on it.  I got my note all written and a thick piece of packing tape on it.  She can read it in a glance.  Everyone can.  It says marry me.  Actually, my palms are sweating and the message is under siege.  A few more moments pass and I lose my view of her.  The loop is crowded, and the belt has begun to move.  It's one of the first to come and I spot it myself.  I quickly move in and with a duck I slap my loose leaf on to the suitcase.  It looked like a blunder.  That type of message on that type of bag, but after a few seconds the crowd sounds off.  It's moving in a wave, and all the women seem to have their hands up to their faces.  I'm making my way over to her side behind the back row of passengers.  I can't see anything really at this point, but I hear when Kayla shouts, "Oh my God!" and I know she's seen my message or is about to.  I tap a guy who already has his bag on the arm and he let's me by.  I'm standing just a foot off to her left when her head starts to turn, and by the time her eyes land on me, I'm on one knee.  There's no more loud cheers, but still a few people trying to catch everyone up.  Then dead silence.  She's crying, and not a sheepish cry.  My thought is to console her, but something tells me to hold my position.  Her friends flock to her instead, and I utter the words for my third time.  This time it's winners take all.  I'm not moving.  She's still crying.  The people are still hoping my dream will come true.  Me too!  Then it's a loud and unquestionable "Yes".  The other knee drops and my face is to the ground.  It doesn't last but a moment.  I'm back on my feet, the prettiest thing you want to see has a new home out the box, and my lady is in my arms.

I win.

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Erased, a novel

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