Message From the Author (Dear Reader)

Message from the Author

Dear Reader,

Thank you for following the Suspended-Release of Freeborn!  I hope you had fun reading as I laid the foundation for The Decks and the Road Novel SeriesFreeborn was a pull from the deck, yet it created a great merge between the cards we’re dealt and the roads we take.  In the midst of it all, was the quiet pull of the narrower road.   I also hope you enjoyed all the wisdom and soul that came through the Cast.  The driving force of the book was to emphasize the beauty that we find unexpectedly in life, and give a glimpse of the many ways the dealer speaks and deals with us.  Stay tuned to the series for more about the Promises, Permissions, and Purposes of the dealer. 

Coming up next is “Erased”.  Expect to be taken on a ride as I give a broader voice to the men.  To read “The Missing Chapter”, be sure to read the introduction of Erased.

NaTisha R. Williams

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"What is a Suspended-Release Novel?"

A Novel that has its contents released in a suspended manner, according to the schedule prescribed by the author or publisher.

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