Erased: Chapter 1


Chapter 1- Light Communication

Tayeton- I'd boldly taken the risk of taking Kat with me.  We'd left Kaylin behind at Kayla and Wood's.  There was something puzzling from the moment we'd arrived, but I didn't overreact to any of it.  Now we were sitting in the gap.  For the next twenty minutes or so that it would take us to get to Kat's parent's home, I was hoping it wouldn't become a rough valley.  I'd only presented Kayla as Kaylin's sister.  Sure Kat also knew that she was signed to Simpleton and Fisher, but I hadn't gone past that.  Kat was somewhat of a cautious driver. She kept her eyes on the road mostly, but I got the feeling that she would look my way at any moment.  The moment eventually came as she slowed the car at the first flash from green to yellow. 

"There's something I need to tell you."  Her eyes where just a tad less bright than usual, and she wore a look of remorse.
"What's that?"
"It's about the purple card."  We'd already put the card behind us, and I couldn't guess what it could be.
"What about the purple card?"  I remembered for a moment how I'd discovered it, and how she'd brushed it off so easily.  I'd managed not to think about my mother much this day.  Perhaps it was all the anxiety of the invite, but now Kat had drawn a strait line down memory lane.
"She was my client.. your mom.  The purple card... well it's complicated, but it's always left at an unlikely time, in an unlikely place, for an unlikely person.  Your mother was one of those person's, and so was Wood."
"Wood.  What does he have to do with all of this?"
"It's all confidential but you should know that I know about your history with Kayla."  She fed me the truth at a pace and in portions that were hard to digest.  I tried to keep my head steady and absorb it all.  Her gaze had returned to the road ahead of her, but my gaze was behind me.
"Why didn't you say something?"  It was all I had.
"You're HIV positive... surely you've had past relationships Tayeton.  I just figured it was like any other until I read the book."
"And now?"
"Did you love her?"
"It feels like a lifetime ago.  I suppose I loved her more than anyone else I'd been with at the time, but now I have more capacity to love.  It's different now."  Kat took a short glimpse at me and back at the road.  I could tell that she was making her judgments and calculations, and I just sat hoping they wouldn't leave me minced in too many pieces.  I thought to find out more about my mother while we were coming face to face with the things we'd pushed to the side.

"Tell me about my mother.  Did she ever mention her writings?"  Kat didn't look over but rather I could see that she'd taken a deep breath, and really considered her. 
"She mostly wanted to ensure Kaylin would be okay.  That was most of what we discussed.  Tell me about her writings?"  Kat was wearing her doctor's hat again, and probably hadn't even noticed it.
"She wrote a book; Thinking Outloud.  It's the inspiration for my blog."
"I thought I'd heard the title before.  No, sorry, she never spoke about any of that. But why don't you  re-publish it?"
"I've been thinking about it.  Actually, I got some leads I plan to follow."  I stopped to consider Mr. Wells and all his generosity.  I had kept his notes in my wallet.  Just then, I pulled them out and turned my attention to all I certainly had to be grateful for.

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