Series Feature: RK- The Twig On The Ground

The Decks and the Road Renegotiating Kaylin

Chapter 10- The Twig On The Ground

Kaylin- I’d taken a quick trip back to my University to properly withdraw and say goodbye to Yulee.It wasn’t a goodbye forever, but it was goodbye for now.On the way back, I met someone.It didn’t occur to me at the time to say I was in a relationship; not after the girl at the party.This relationship didn’t look any different at the present moment, and I realized there was a huge piece to the dating puzzle that I was missing.I thought maybe Kayla could help me, but her marriage was over and she someone thought it was a good idea to stay in contact with our father.From a distance I’d thought of her so highly, but up close she didn’t appear to be so wise.Instead I went back to my mother’s journals.It was a place so dark and yet so free and light.It was a place that had burdened me, yet it had given me a sense of who I was and could be.It was the ongoing blessing and the curse.What I really wanted to know was how…

"This Life Isn't Meant for Mice but Men" The VCR Diaries 2

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The VCR Diaries 2
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A Poetic Documental
based on The Characters from... The Decks and the Road Novel Series.
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The Spoiler Alert After Party!

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It's the "Spoiler Alert After Party" formally known as 'Dear Reader'.  It may seem bigger than you've ever recalled and you might ask "why?"... well, The Decks and the Road Novel Series has come to an end and "We're Ready to Become a Serial Daytime Drama... but before we dream up what's next; let's look at "What just happened".

(Click on the Image to open a clearer view.) It was the first graphic square of the series.  I didn't know exactly what it would morph into.  Next it was onto picking 8 cards from a standard Deck of Cards.  What would these eight cards determine?  They would determine the number and the suite that each member of the Freeborn cast would represent.
Here are just two of those numbers.  The dynamic #9 represents Universal Love, Eternity, Destiny, and Soul-Mission.  The number 2 represents …

Did You Know?

About the Novel Erased and The Decks and the Road Novel Series
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Award Presentation for Best Left Question in a Suspended-Release Novel Series

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Now here are the Nominees and Award Presentation for  "Best Left Question"  in a Suspended-Release Novel Series. 

1. What Happens to Eaton? 2. Who Made the 1st Offer to Kaylin? 3. What Does Kaylin Choose? 4. Is William HIV Positive? 5. What About Kat? 6. Does Natalie Ever Find Out About Radiance? 7. Is Mr. Wells Ever Threatened Again? 8. What Becomes of Jack? 9. Will There Be Another VCR Diaries?

and The Award Goes to....
What Happens to Eaton?

The Award for "Best Kept Secret"

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Here are the Nominees for "Best Kept Secret" in Renegotiating Kaylin

Tayeton's Reveal to Kayla Kayla's Reveal to The Girls Kaylin's Knowledge of Rose Unger International

and The Best Kept Secret was...
Unger International

Award Presentation for Most Influential Voice

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The Nominees for Most Influential Voice in Renegotiating Kaylin are:
Radiance Dunbar for "But I Love You"
Kaylin Johnson for "Reintroducing Kaylin"
Kayla Singletary for "A Whoa Wednesday"
Natalie Shepherd for "A Test of Labels"
Monica Shepherd "Permissions and Alterations"
Eaton for "Between the Two"
Wood for "Fresh Air"

and The Finalist are:
Radiance Dunbar Kaylin Johnson Kayla Singletary and Wood

The Award for Most Influential Voice goes to:
Radiance Dunbar!

Coming Up... The Award for "Best Kept Secret"!