Erased: Chapter 18

Erased, a novel

Chapter 18- Large Pieces to a Growing Puzzle.

Tayeton- I was finding my way around my fears.  I'd invited Kat to have lunch with me.  We had to dig deep between the pages of our schedules to meet this way, but it was worth the dig.  She was quite the explorer and always had a secret location where we could spend time together.  Today it was a small public reserve with lots of tiny lakes and cool spots where we could catch the shade.  I hadn't shared my scare with her.  I didn't see how it could help just yet.  We sat together stealing and exchanging pieces of each other's sandwiches.  Between bites we talked about the progress of "Thinking Outloud".  The ads were coming in, and we were working on my first attempt at lecturing.  I had taken Mr. Wells directive, but the college had been somewhat tight lipped about the publishing, and the name I was given had belonged to a retired employee.  Therefore, I'd put the idea of republishing my mom&#…

Erased: Chapter 16-17

Erased, a novel

Chapter 16- Subtle Securities 

Mr. Wells- I made it through the chill, now I'm keeping my balance and surfing this heat wave.  I've always loved the weather in South Florida; that was before I needed to wrangle with it.  I've been dodging the sun all day, but it's dancing.  It's not a quick step, it's more like a slow romantic and sweetly fluid motion.  This is my second summer out here.  This summer is hotter, and I'm thinking of cutting the beard I've been growing.  All of this is an unlikely position for someone with security holdings.  It's easy to rush out and start trying to fix things, but sometimes fixing things is about understanding what's going on.  When my buildings caught fire, I thought I'd bounce back, but here I am watching the ducks swim in a temporary pond.  It's the left overs from last night's cool down showers.  I've been thinking a lot about temporary ponds.  I'm wondering if it's appa…

Erased: Chapter 15

Erased, a novel

Chapter 15- Bagels Over Laments and Prophesies 

Dr. Kat Shepherd- I'm married now; to a guy I met at a funeral.  It's the pinch I give myself each day.  There aren't many things I don't see coming... speaking in monumental terms.  I usual can say I was onto it, before it can say it was onto me, but Tayeton takes my breath away each day and brings me a fresh one.  Even lately in his deepening quietness, he still does it.  I'm behind on the blog, and I've been praying he doesn't bring it up.  It's been busy.  Well, both of us are busy and in high demand.  I still don't know who passed my name off to the prison, but I'm getting steady breaks.  Today, I'm in the office.  Mr. Simpleton is coming in.  I hope he's not allergic to cats.  I decided to bring Shepherd.  I'm still amazed at how long it can take to breakthrough to him.  It's been a cross between walking a tight rope and trying to dodge your own shadow, but he s…

Erased Award Nominees for Best New Development

Here are the Nominees for  "Best New Development in the Life of a Character

The Runner-ups are:
Jeff Reece  Kayla and Wood Dr. Kat Shepherd Tayeton Fisher  Cassandra Simpleton Derek and Jennifer Mr.Wells Sam

...and The Finalist:

Dr. Kat Shepherd  Tayeton Fisher Derek and Jennifer Mr.Wells Sam 

Tune in after Chapter 15 for the winners.  More Award Presentations to come at the end of the book.  Subscribe here on the blog for updates and chapter releases.
Congratulations to Dr. Kat Shepherd!!  (read Chapter 15 now!)

Erased Award Nominees for Best Introduction!

Welcome to the first two Award Presentations of Book 2.  We begin with Best Introduction... 
The Nomineesare:
Cassandra  Ketly Mr. Wells Reece Sam

And the Award goes to...

Erased: Chapter 14

Erased, a novel

Chapter 14- Warning Received 

Derek- I could see her and her friends, but she could not see me.  She looked happy, and I was happy to see that her heart was still at home.  I couldn't argue.  I'd fumbled the ball many times.  These days it wasn't in missteps, but many missed occasions.  She was a ladder, in all regards.  Whenever I'd mastered her, she'd been low or loss.  When she was up and stretched out, reaching new heights, it was intimidating.  The day I'd received my ring back had not left me.  I'd crept up from behind in a social way, but mentally I hadn't moved much until I woke up with a strong feeling that I'd loss her.  Her delayed response hadn't done anything to soothe my heart, and so I dug it up.  It's the prettiest thing you want to see.  Not because it's bigger, but it looks like her.  Not the her I thought I knew five years ago, but her.  The innocent fire cracker whose goodness clings to you, and burn do…

Erased: Chapter 13

Erased, a novel

Chapter 13- The Jack in the Box

Kayla- I stood at the center of a room full of bouncing lights. I'd never noticed how much of a role light had to play among club hogs until now.  Surely I'd become less of a participator and more of an observer.  Even standing in the middle of the packed lower level at The Jack in the Box, I felt chilly.  I bobbed my head and kept my two step going to the beat, but I was no fun. I wanted to be bubbling over like Jennifer and Cassandra and the rest of the rave, but I'd learned to lean into my new and still emerging self.  If there was anything for me to enjoy, it was watching Cassandra pretend not to be in her forties.  It wasn't the way she dressed or her speech; she knew all to well about all of that.  No, it was something else.  It was like walking into an empty house that had been boarded up and condemned.  You could almost instantly tell it hadn't been lived in for a while.  We got along well, that wasn't the …