Series Feature... Erased: Chapter 23

Erased, a novel

Chapter 23- Final Call

Reece- I've just heard the news. It's hard to say that it has upset my plans because I didn't have any, but now I'm here, I'm going to need some.  I'm not sure how my heart is doing at the moment, I haven't made it that far.  My first thought is to check the account.  It's all there, all three-hundred thousand, and some change.  Now what?  It's not my independence that I'm puzzled about, it's just all of my assignments came straight from his desk, and by desk I mean they were all personal.  I didn't ask lots of questions, but it wasn't long before I realized just how personal.  At times I allowed my mind to wander, and it always went down the moral road.  It's not the kind of road I was ever happy to see.  Mainly because of the growling that rises up, but my fear and resentment doesn't keep it from calling out to me with its bright light.  A few times it came to mind, and I didn't hear any feedback.  Still, I thought it would swallow me up, so I quickly wandered back to reality.  Today is one of those times when there's no growling, and I'm tempted to make the turn, but I'm blinded.  I log out, and wash my face.  I exit and reach for my phone.  I make the call and then hang up.  What's the point.  My experience has thought me not to come clean, and if I'm going to try out this road... I'm doing it with my mouth closed.  I'm back at the chair with the view, and he has dialed me back.  My instincts say to fall off the face of his earth, but something says to pick up.  His voice is low, as if someone's listening.  "what's up?" is the question.  Usually "nothing" is the answer, but I'm not on the job and all the passwords are dead.  I can hear him speaking in the background and it gives me time to contemplate.

"Come see me.  I'll be in the office for a few hours. "  It's a Saturday morning.  I get dressed quickly, and make my way to Sam. When I walk in he's alone, and gets up to greet me.  We kiss as always on the lips, and he closes the door behind me.  We sit across from each other, and it's the first time that it's not easy between us.  I'm wondering if he can sense my deliberations.  And then, it all spills out on the table.

"What's wrong?  Where's Reece." He made reference to the game, and I immediately grabbed a hold of my defenses.  I wasn't myself, he was right.  I was usually a calculating device, and I tried to calculate quickly.  I didn't keep a lot of friends.  I couldn't in my line of work.  I barely wanted to been seen.  I moved quickly in and out of tight spaces.  Sam's case was the first that required me to hang around.  He seemed to enjoy having me beside him, but I had not been greatly successful otherwise.  I had the opportunity to keep searching him out, and that was the logical next step.  I dug deep and brought Reece back to the table.  I pushed Lareece back down where she was more comfortable, and I continued.

I brushed the whole thing off, and turned a real loss into something fictional; something that would take me away for a few days.  I needed more time to face the truth and plot my course.

Erased, a novel

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