RK- Mr. and Mrs. Singletary

The Decks and the Road
Renegotiating Kaylin

Chapter 24- Mr. and Mrs. Singletary

Kayla- He definitely asked me twice, and I’ve technically asked him once.  However it goes, we’re getting married again and in advance of our twelve year anniversary.  I boarded the ship with a head full of rods wrapped from back to front in a neon yellow and white floral scarf.  Surprisingly I didn’t get to many odd looks.  I’m sitting at the bar a whole day later with the same head full of rods, and I think by now everyone thinks it’s a new trend.  I feel no shame, it’s all a part of the lead up to my I do’s.  It’s me and Jennifer.  Aisha and Tony left for California to celebrate the newest book release from J.K. Dunbar.  Speaking of Aisha, I got her text this morning.  It’s a secret of course but she’s pregnant again, and this time she’s sure she’ll be writing me a check.   Good… because I didn’t plan on getting married and it just became a big deal.  We’re going over the last few details again.  It’s happening in just under twelve hours now.  Actually, it’s all taking place on the same day; my birthday and the wedding.  Wood and I said our good-byes a day ago, and it’s been all in Jennifer’s hands to be sure we don’t bump into each other.  I’m just about sure we’re home safe.  From here it’s back to the suite.  I have a 5 a.m. wake up call.  Jennifer and her team will be up at three. 

I return to the suite that is expected to host about thirty-five of us and I’m tempted to look at my dress one more time.  It’s the same as the first time with a few alterations; mainly embellishments.  I hold it in my hands and I feel as though I’m holding the entire weight of our history together.  It’s light in some places, and heavy in others.  It’s white with a sweetheart neckline.  It’s made of satin and completely covered with a shimmery lace.  I’ve had small jewel pieces added to the lace around the top of the bosom, and in the train.  It’s a strait cut and hits me right above my ankles.  My bouquet has more of the lace and jewels.  I lay it out vertically on the bed next to me, and lay beside it. 

I awaken to a sweet aroma of citrus with something else I can’t quite detect.  I’m not surprised and yet I am.  I did give my permission to have the living, dining, and balcony transformed while I was asleep.  We’ve talked about it, but really for pointers.  The final product is still meant to wow me.  I head right for my phone and pick up all the messages I’m expecting.  There’s one in particular I can’t wait to read.  We’ve gone beyond the limits and have even kept our voices from each other.  Not just for tradition sake, but there was really nothing left to say and the next time I hear his voice it will be at the exchange of our vows.  It was also the instruction of Pastor Andre.  Yes, he’s here and he’s doing the honors for the second time. 

Kaylin- I’ve really started to enjoy working out in the mornings.  Some mornings I just go for a walk.  I’m growing to like the smell of the air and the sound of the birds.  There’s none of that here, but I still find myself up just after five.  It’s been a solitary journey and most of my invites to workout go unanswered.  The rest of Jack is probably up by now.  The wedding starts at seven-thirty and we’re supposed to show up at seven, but I’m just finishing up.  I took advantage of the privacy and started to play with some of the weight machines.  I glance at the time and it’s ten after six.  I look at my hair and it’s still in place.  It’s time to go.  I open the door, get three or four steps down the hall and my eyes meet his eyes.  He’s got a towel over his shoulder and is carrying a small bottle of water.  We’re not strangers, but we’ve become strangers.  I haven’t seen him since my sophomore year in high school; not since Tayeton moved.  He used to pass me notes, but I always crushed them into tiny balls.  This was until I begged him to stop.  I consider myself and I’m only about twenty-five pounds bigger than I was the last time he saw me.  He’s grown up and his body thankfully caught up with his head.  The pimples are gone, and I can see that he’s also been playing around with the weight machines but it’s only evident because his shirt doesn’t have any sleeves.  We stop at the place where we come together, and he doesn’t wait for a second to go by.

“Kaylin?”  He’s wearing that smile again; the one he always had when the last person to pass the note pointed to him.
“Chad-Ezra.  It’s been a while.  What are you doing here?”
“My family.  We’re having a reunion.  I see you’ve changed.”
“What do you mean changed?”
“Well, for one… we’re talking.”
“You mean we’ve grown up.”
“Right.  And now we’re we.  I like it.”
“Look, I have somewhere to be…  I can’t…”  I check the time again.
“Take my number.  Call me.  Maybe we can hang out.”  We exchange numbers and I walk on.  I take another few steps and look back.  The hall is empty, and I hear the door close behind him.

I make it to Kayla’s room at ten after seven.  I blame Chad.  I’m carrying my makeup bag, and I’m hoping there’s enough time to use it.  It’s my first time there and the place is larger than I had imagined. Hannah and Johnaya are all made up and they look complete in their neon yellow dresses.  The place is quiet except for the music softly singing in the background.  The girls are in their position standing side-by-side, and the minister is also in position.  There’s only six of us in total and I don’t spot the Bride or Groom anywhere.  I hold up my makeup bag at Hannah’s mom and she directs me to a small bathroom.  I don’t need much and only spend a few minutes.  When I return, the groom is standing next to a large man I don’t recognize, and someone mentions, “It’s time.”

Wood- Lemon and Blueberry; the colors we chose.  Why we thought in terms of food?  I don’t know.  My dad, Derek, and I are in blue.  The ladies are in neon yellow.  It’s an intimate wedding just like the first time.  I couldn’t picture it any other way, but we’ve invited everyone else to join us afterwards.  The room is lovely.  It’s been a few days and I’m dying to see her.  The wedding song begins and everyone perks up.  There’s a white runner and all of our eyes are directed towards the end of it.  The moment she steps onto it, her dress reminds me that it’s a continuation and not a new beginning.  I’m more than pleased, and my father rests his hand on my shoulder.  Her hair is parted in the middle and her locks are sitting on her shoulders in a spiral arrangement, as she glides along.  When she reaches me, I can’t help it and tug at one of her strands.

“You like it?”  She asks eager to know.
“We’ll all grow back together.”
“Mr. and Mrs. Singletary.”  It’s the voice of Pastor Andre.

By eight-fifteen the buzzer is going off like crazy.  Our guests are arriving and the room is undergoing a small adjustment.  We’ve already started sharing pictures from the ceremony on the screen near the bar, and our guests are getting their fill of peach champagne with small cubes of apples inside and white cod.  There are no rules and we lounge, talk, and some people dance.  Before it’s all over we take to our lemon muffin wedding cake.  It’s four muffins stacked on top each other; each one smaller than the prior.  The last is the usual size of a muffin and we take our turn biting at it.  The icing is neon yellow.  The cake is lemon and there are bits of blueberry inside.  Then the bouquet is tossed and I see Johnaya standing in the pile.  It’s a sobering moment, and I quickly pray that she doesn’t get hold of it. 

I’m shocked when she does. 

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