RK- Permissions and Alterations and "Proven"

The Decks and the Road
Renegotiating Kaylin

Chapter 20- Permissions and Alterations

Monica Shepherd-   I can see that she’s more happy than worried, but they’re both coming thru.  She sticks her head in.  I’m reading, but it doesn’t bother me that she came.  Instead I’m trying to determine what brought her back so soon. 

“Can we talk?”  It’s an unusual question.  I don’t get many requests to talk.
“Come in.” 
“Why didn’t you tell me it was my husband?  Can’t you see this stuff?”
“What stuff?”
“The future.”
“Not like you may imagine.  Some things are hidden.  But tell me about what happened.”
“He left.  Then you said I needed to accept that something had ended and that I should date.”
“Are you Meg?”  It was a strange impulse.  I already knew her name and something about her life, but I followed the impulse.  I’d learned that they weren’t stupid or as off base as they often wanted to appear.

“So you do know.”
“Know what?”
“About us.”  Not the way you think.  I must admit…  I’ve read your book and I do remember the first time you came to me, but I don’t have a telescope into your life.
“Can you tell me if we’ll be okay?”
“If you’re Meg, you should accept and cherish what you’ve found.”
“Anything else?”
“It’s a book.”
“What’s a book.”
“Meg and the Body.  Maybe a comic.  There’s some static there, but…  I don’t know.  Perhaps there’s still room for alterations.”
“What do you mean alterations?”
“It’s a permission.  Permissions can always be altered.  You’ll decide I suppose.”
“Right.”  I wasn’t sure she understood, but the way she responded “right” was convincing.  I could feel some of her worry dissipating and her breathing was changing.  I closed my eyes.  There was something more to be said, but when I opened my eyes she was gone.  I remembered her big tip and my eyes moved to the spot where she’d left it the last time.  It was bigger even than the time before.  I considered the things I’d picked up, and made a note of them.  I didn’t know if she’d be back and how soon, but it would be waiting for her.

Chapter 21- "Proven"

Kayla- I hadn’t heard anything, but it was hard to wake up expecting it may be the day you get the news that someone you care about has died.  Yet, it was now my life.  It’s a haunting thing to experience every time the phone rings.  To keep it all a balance, I had the last sentence Wood and I had written together in my mind right beside it.  It was a sentence I was hanging on to until I could see something familiar between us again.  I hadn’t forgotten about the things he wanted, and they remained on my chest.  We continued to check in with each other, but I hadn’t seen him since he’d come to my rescue.  It was hard to determine if we were dating, engaged, or married, but I no longer wanted to talk about it later.  I also didn’t want to be the first to make contact again, so I waited.  In the meantime I had to find my big girl hat which would need to provide a foundation for my big sister hat.  It was Kaylin.  She’d asked if we could meet for lunch.  It was uncommon between us, and I just didn’t know where it would go, but I could certainly tell that whatever it was, it was important to her. 

I’d gone ahead and invited her to meet me at one of my favorite lunch spots.  I was on time and she showed up just a few steps behind me.  When I saw her, I almost couldn’t recognize her.  She was growing up and changing in a few different ways.  It was hard to put a finger on, but still it was undeniable.  Although if I had to choose a word, it would certainly be “in charge”.  We didn’t see a lot of each other just each other’s shadows.  We came and went freely, and I tried to give her the time and space she had needed.  Her eyes looked wider than ever before.  She was wearing a cute skirt with a pretty expensive looking jacket.  She carried a small back pack; not like a school bag… a fashionable one.  We hugged and sat and I checked my watch. 

“So what’s going on?  I like the look and I see you’ve lost a bit more weight.”
“Yeah, I’m on a roll.”
“Are you being sarcastic?”
“Well, there are some things I’m dealing with.”
“What is it?”
“You and Wood…  How did you find him?”  It was a more than interesting question.  One I hadn’t prepared for.  I had never forgotten the way he came into my life, or the hour he did.  As it stood, I now had two very captivating stories of how I found him, but the latest one wasn’t one I was ready to discuss.

“What can I say… men like Wood come unexpectedly, stay surprisingly, and return passionately.  Why do you ask?”

“It’s the guy I’m dating.  I don’t think he really sees me.”  I should have stayed in line, but I couldn’t.
“I thought you would ask about Morgan by now.  I would rather hear your thoughts on that matter.”
“What matter?  He’s dying and he already knew he would.  Besides, what about everyone else he’s hurt?”

“Do you think he really saw you?”
“Kaylin, I couldn’t solve any of my issues chasing them, nor could I running from them.  If something violates you acknowledge it; get some things clear about it, and then stand back.
“Are we still talking about dad?”
“We’re talking about life.”
“Why did you forgive him?”
“He proved that he wanted to be forgiven.”
“That’s it?”
“Can this guy you’re all mangled up about prove that he wants to be forgiven?”
“Anyway, there’s something else I need.”  I could see that it was all more than she’d bargained for and the current road we were on would leave her to full to eat, so I accepted her invitation to discuss something else.

“What is it?”  We were interrupted briefly and she seemed to use the time to contemplate whether she really wanted to let me in any further.  By the time we were alone again she’d made up her mind.

“It’s one of my songs.  Someone stole it, and it’s being played on the radio.”  I tried to process what she was suggesting.  It wasn’t an unfamiliar area, but I couldn’t just then see how I could help.

“Can you prove it’s your song?”
“I think so.”
“Did you speak with Tayeton?  He’s well connected, and he has a variety of talent and resources under his command.

“I would prefer if he didn’t know.”
“Can you help me?”
“I’m not a lawyer.”
“Everything says you’re the one to help me.”
“Everything like what?”
“Don’t you pray?”  Again I took a moment to consider her suggestions.  She was talking about the voice, and it brought perspective to her persistence.

“I’ll need a few weeks.  I need to get through the cruise I’m planning.  Maybe afterwards I can help.”
“Okay, but no Maybes.   Promise you’ll help.”
“I’ll do whatever I can to help.”  I could hear the desperation in her voice, and see her devotion to the cause.  We were both a little quiet after that.  I was searching my knowledge on the matter to see where I could be of help, and perhaps she was thinking about some of what I had said.  We ate, and scrolled our phones until I asked, “What’s the name of the song?”  The moment I knew, I could see it, and I also felt that she could prove it.

I returned to Simpleton and Fisher with lots on my mind.  At the close of the day I still hadn’t heard from Wood.  I took the elevator and got into my car and waited.  Everything was saying I should just wait a while, so I did.  I wasn’t staring at the phone when the notification came through, but it was him that I thought of first. 

“Want to meet me for some ice cream?”
“Of course I do.”

We’d long finished our ice creams, and were just standing around; catching up I suppose.  We were standing side-by-side but face-to-face.   I could see everything behind him and he could see everything behind me.  I wasn’t the first to whisper.  He was, but it became a thing. 

“Meg you don’t mind if we just go slow, do you?”
“No… but not too slow.”
“Okay, I promise to keep up.”
“So, you’re still coming?  On the cruise?”  Now we were standing in front of each other, and kissing between whispers. 

“Only if you promise to marry me.”  I didn’t have time to consider what was happening.  There was a heartbeat to the conversation and I didn’t want to disrupt it.

“Of course.”  It was my new default. 
“Really you will?”  He’d seen it as some kind of longshot, but my answer reminded him to keep up.   
“Yes.  Then will you come home?”  I didn’t expect the flood of tears, but they were there.
“Yes… then I’ll come home.”  He rested his lips on my forehead and I closed my eyes.  I thought about everything; the lower case everything and what the reader had said about Meg.  I took a deep breath and I knew I would cherish him.

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