RK- She Leaps

The Decks and the Road
Renegotiating Kaylin

Chapter 19- She Leaps

Wood- I woke up beside her.  It was a call almost like the first.  Her words had kept me in limbo the whole way.  “I need  you” was the size of it.  I still don’t know why she called, but she knew I would come.  I was wearing my ring when I came.  I’d been since the day I found out she was Meg, but her hand was still empty.  I take it she’s not going in, or she’d be up by now.  I hadn’t planned accordingly, and would eventually have to leave, but I pulled her as close as I could.  I was still fully dressed in the jeans I had dragged on, and she was still half naked.  We’d prayed together in bed many times before, but I could tell that her faith had shrunk just a bit, and I prayed silently for us.  Soon she was awake and I tried to make my move to leave, but she begged me not to go. 

“You know I can’t be your boyfriend and the husband you don’t want all at the same time.”
“I’m sorry I hurt you.”  It was the first time she’d acknowledged my hurt.  I thought I would have to beg her for it, but there it was.  I wanted to see her face when she said it, but it didn’t play out that way.  I also wanted to live in the moment for a minute, but she sprang up from the bed and headed for the bathroom.  When she returned I was sitting on the bed tying my shoes. 

“Go ahead ask me.”  She was holding her ring out in front of me.  My head dropped and I couldn’t hide these tears like the ones I’d hid during the night.

“Is this why you called?”
“No, but I’m ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“To be your wife again.”
“What happened last night Kayla?”
“I’m not ready to talk about it.”
“So we should just jump forward.”
“You obviously thought about us back together again.  So why are you being so difficult?”
“Because I don’t ever want to go down this road again, and we can’t just pretend that we’re not standing here.”

“We won’t.  I promise.  Just ask me.”  It was no use fighting her.  Whatever the reason, it had led to this moment, and it was the moment I’d hoped and prayed for.  The first time I’d made a silent proposal, but this time I knelt before her.  The moment my knee hit the floor all my terror and anguish came gushing out.  I hadn’t let anyone see or hear of it.  She should have remained standing, but we had come face to face. 

“I love you.  I love you like I’ve never loved anyone, and you’ve never been the husband I don’t want.”

“Would you have me as your husband?”
“Til death do us part?”
“Forever.”  She whispered the word right into my ear, and it was all I could hear for the next few minutes.  It was still a work day, and I couldn’t just bail out.  I had about twenty or thirty minutes to spare, and we spent them wiping each other’s tears, confessing our love, and making promises.  Finally when our love had swollen to a size beyond my grip, I bailed out on my partner with nothing but a text, “I have an emergency…  Can you cover me?”

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