RK- Until Further Notice

The Decks and the Road
Renegotiating Kaylin

Chapter 18- Until Further Notice

Eaton- Anyone who can dodge a trip gains his respect.  Ever since I did, I’ve kept my life and my job.  He’s never said so, but it’s in his eyes.  It’s only my third time looking into them, and it could be the last; respect or no respect.  I wait for him to finish his call, and he does.  My heart jumps, but he takes another call.  It’s all code.  Nothing in details, but all the details are in there.  He fished me out of the sea himself, and I’ve been on some pretty high level trips; the money tells me so.  But I’ve never been to Unger International, and there’s a difference between respect and trust.  He finishes up and sets his eyes back on me.  I’ve been laying low.  It was a simple text; the address, room number, and the words “until further notice”.  Then came the words “reset”.  But I never expected to see him here.

“So as you know… clean ups cost.”  It’s the way he speaks; like every word is valuable.  He saves time and money by omitting the small talk.  I’m glad actually.  I need to know why he’s here exactly.

“The song is all over the radio.” 
“You get in the middle of my business and then you question my instructions.  You were one of my quickest trainees.  I want to help you, but it’s all a tight rope. You’re little cherry blossom has made contact with Rai.  You were supposed to fall off the face of her earth.”
“So what’s next?” 
“It’s all a matter of whether I trust you.”
“Trust me to do what?”
“To forget about both of them.” 
“Will that settle it?”
“If it doesn’t, you’ll be the first to know.”  He dropped the bag with my new devices on the bed, and left with my old ones.  Exactly twenty minutes later I received my first instructions.  They came in the middle of me standing with my head up against the wall.  I’d promised to take care of her.  I’d made the promise even knowing this day would come.  Somewhere in my mind I thought I could break free, but freedom could easily bring death into the picture.  I hadn’t waited to hear whether he’d trusted me or not, but I knew he didn’t trust me to be free the way I had envisioned.  I also thought about Reece.  If I’d made as big a mess as he’d indicated, she could lose quite a bit.  It all weighed pretty heavily on my heart, but the question of whether I could place any of it ahead of myself was one I needed to postpone.  Instead I followed the reset guidelines to the letter and checked out with the one bag I’d maintained since I’d taken the job.  Before I could get to the first mile, the first line of her song began playing in my head.  But not that her.  The other her. 

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